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Fifa 12 Arabic Commentary Patch ( Esam El Shawali) Fitgirl Repack

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How to Enjoy Fifa 12 with Arabic Commentary by Esam El Shawali

Fifa 12 is one of the most popular soccer games in the world, but it lacks the option to choose Arabic commentary. Fortunately, there is a patch that can fix this problem and let you enjoy the game with the voice of Esam El Shawali, the famous Egyptian commentator who is known for his enthusiasm and excitement.

The patch was created by Fitgirl, a well-known repacker of games who reduces their size and improves their performance. The patch is compatible with any version of Fifa 12 and does not require any additional software or installation. You just need to download the patch from one of these links[^1^] [^2^] [^3^] and extract it to your Fifa 12 folder.

After that, you can launch the game and go to the settings menu. There, you can select Arabic as your commentary language and enjoy the game with Esam El Shawali's voice. You can also switch back to other languages if you want.

The patch is a great way to enhance your Fifa 12 experience and make it more immersive and realistic. It also adds some diversity and flavor to the game, as you can hear different expressions and phrases that are unique to Arabic culture and soccer. If you are a fan of Fifa 12 and Esam El Shawali, you should definitely try this patch and have fun.

Some of the benefits of using the patch are:

You can enjoy the game with more realism and immersion, as you can hear the commentary that matches the atmosphere and culture of the game.

You can learn some Arabic words and phrases that are related to soccer and sports, such as "goal", "penalty", "offside", "corner", etc.

You can appreciate the talent and passion of Esam El Shawali, who is one of the most famous and respected commentators in the Arab world. He is known for his catchy slogans, witty jokes, and emotional reactions.

The patch is also very easy to use and does not affect the performance or quality of the game. It is compatible with any version of Fifa 12 and does not require any installation or modification. You just need to download it, extract it, and select it from the settings menu.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy Fifa 12, you should definitely try this patch and experience the game with Arabic commentary by Esam El Shawali. It will make your game more fun and exciting, and you will not regret it.

Some of the drawbacks of using the patch are:

You may not understand some of the commentary if you do not speak Arabic or are not familiar with the culture and slang.

You may miss some of the features or updates that are available in the original version of the game or in other languages.

You may encounter some bugs or errors that are caused by the patch or by the compatibility issues with your device or system.

However, these drawbacks are minor and can be easily overcome or ignored. The patch is still a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy Fifa 12 with Arabic commentary by Esam El Shawali. It is a simple and effective way to add some variety and spice to your game and make it more enjoyable and memorable. 061ffe29dd


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