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Garuda Puranam Telugu Free Download 413

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Garuda Puranam Telugu: A Guide to Life and Afterlife

Garuda Puranam is one of the 18 Puranas composed by sage Vyasa. It belongs to the Vaishnava tradition and narrates the teachings of Lord Vishnu to his mount Garuda. This Purana contains 18,000 verses and covers various topics such as cosmology, ethics, rituals, yoga, medicine, astrology, gemology, politics, and eschatology.

The most famous part of Garuda Puranam is the Preta Kalpa, which describes the journey of the soul after death and the torments of hell. It also prescribes the rites and donations that can help the departed souls attain peace and liberation. According to Garuda Puranam, only sinners go to hell through the southern gate of Yama's abode. There they have to cross the river Vaitarani, which is filled with blood, pus, urine, feces, bones, hair, nails, flesh, and fat. The river is guarded by fierce creatures and Yama's servants who torture the sinners mercilessly.

Garuda Puranam lists various sins that lead to hell and their corresponding punishments. Some of them are: killing a Brahmin, a child, a cow, a woman; causing abortion; lying; cheating; stealing; betraying; poisoning; harming elders, teachers, deities, women, children; abusing sacred texts; destroying trees and gardens; obstructing pilgrims; praising oneself; slandering others; etc. The Purana also advises how to avoid these sins and perform good deeds that can earn merit and heaven.

Garuda Puranam is a valuable source of knowledge and wisdom for Hindus. It teaches them how to live a righteous life on earth and prepare for the afterlife. It also reveals the mysteries of creation and destruction, karma and reincarnation, heaven and hell, liberation and bondage. Garuda Puranam is a guide for both this world and the next.

Garuda Puranam Telugu also gives detailed information about the rituals and ceremonies that should be performed after the death of a person. It explains the importance of cremation, antyesti, shraddha, pinda, tarpana, and other rites that can benefit the departed soul and the surviving relatives. It also warns about the consequences of neglecting or violating these rites. It advises the bereaved family members to observe the period of mourning, abstain from worldly pleasures, and recite the holy names of God.

The Purana also describes the various types of donations that can be made for the welfare of the soul and the society. It enumerates the merits and demerits of donating different kinds of items, such as food, clothes, land, gold, cows, horses, elephants, etc. It also specifies the qualities and qualifications of the donors and the recipients. It emphasizes that donation should be done with faith, devotion, and compassion, without any expectation or pride.

Garuda Puranam Telugu is a treasure trove of spiritual and ethical teachings that can enlighten and guide the human beings in their journey of life and afterlife. It reveals the secrets of karma, death, rebirth, heaven, hell, liberation, and bondage. It also inspires the readers to follow the path of righteousness, devotion, service, and charity. Garuda Puranam Telugu is a book that can transform one's life for good. 061ffe29dd


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