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FULL Hauptwerk - Silbermann Organ [HOT]

FULL Hauptwerk - Silbermann Organ =====

FULL Hauptwerk - Silbermann Organ [HOT]

This instrument is one of the best preserved organs of Gottfried Silbermann, it has been well maintained but never been modified significantly. First repairs had been carried out by Adam Gottfried Oehme from Freiberg in 1780, further works by Gebr. Jehmlich from Dresden. Since 1952 the organ is maintained by Eule Orgelbau from Bautzen. It is not known at what time the temperament of the organ has been changed. It is now tuned to equal temperament, but still nearly a full note higher than todays concert pitch. Analysis of the samples shows a tuning with a1=462 Hz.

The Sample SetThe organ has been recorded with high quality microfones and preamps in 16bit 44100Hz sample file format. The samples have been carefully denoised and prepared for use with Hauptwerk. Our own SampleLooper software has been used to compute loop points (up to nine/sample) and help setting the release markers. The original recordings have a lenght of 30 seonds/note for the manuals and 60 seconds/note for the pedal. These have been shortened to 8 seconds/note and 15 seconds/note resp.. The samples contan the original room reverbaration, which is about 1.5-2 seconds. As in our other sample sets we have created artificial staccato and portato release layers using convolution. The impulse response used in this process has been carefully designed to match the original reverb. If you do not want to use these artificial release layers, you can select to only use the default release sample in the rank audio output routing screen in Hauptwerk. Advanced Features:

The instrument with its three manuals and 29 stops is based on French organ building principles with Plein Jeu, Jeu de tierce and Grand Jeu. The pedal has, in contrast to the tenor function of period French pedal divisions with pedal stubs, a full compass and a Soubasse ouvert 16 stop behind the organ casework.

... whenever I travel to Saxony, it is the organ of the Petrikirche that I faithfully visit. It is here that I have found "the" organ. It is here that I understood, for the first time, the meaning of the famous "Gravität" which young Bach was already asking for in his report on the Mühlhausen organ, back in 1708. The Petrikirche organ, smaller than its illustrious neighbour (the cathedral organ with 45 stops), sounds nonetheless bigger, for it has a magnificent Principal 16', of unequalled nobility and depth. Another feature of this organ, and not the least, is that it is the only completely preserved witness to Silbermann's last manner. (Jean Ferrard, from the CD booklet Orgue de la Petrikirche, Freiberg. Sic 004, 1998, p. 10)

I have had an organ in the house for perhaps 35 years, a series in ever increasing size from a leading American organ builder. The latest 13 years ago served me well but was huge. Downsizing thehouse was never on the cards and a smaller instrument would have been both expensive and possibly disappointing. Out of curiosity, I went with a friend to Oakham to see and hear Nigel Starkdemonstrate the Noorlander Fugara 3. Less than a minute was enough to convince that I wanted one.Firstly, there is the exciting authenticity of the sound produced by Hauptwerk, Sonus Paradisi samples; actually ,although called samples, they are the full meal. This coupled with the Noorlanderspecified speaker system produces sounds which could only otherwise be heard in the church or cathedral in which the organ is sited.Secondly, the Noorlander Fugara console is beautifully designed and constructed, with many customer preference options available. It is a very convenient size for even a small room and does notrequire a large speaker system. Unlike some consoles it is a very attractive and not dominant addition to a room.Thirdly, and of great importance is the professionalism, care and expertise of Nigel Stark, of Hauptwerk Systems UK, in the choice of specification and then in the installation. The first and onlything purchaser needs to do is sit down and


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