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English Discoveries: Ultimate Multimedia English Learning Course (12 CDs) *Repost*l

English Discoveries: Ultimate Multimedia English Learning Course (12 CDs) *Repost*

English Discoveries is a multimedia course that aims to help learners improve their English skills in a fun and interactive way. The course consists of 12 CDs that cover various topics and levels, from beginner to advanced. The course also includes a variety of activities, such as games, quizzes, dialogues, and simulations, that provide learners with opportunities to practice their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The course is designed to be self-paced and adaptable to different learning styles and preferences.

The course was originally released in 1997 by Edusoft, a company that specializes in developing educational software. The course was well-received by both learners and teachers, who praised its quality, effectiveness, and user-friendliness. However, the course became outdated over time, as technology and language standards evolved. Therefore, in 2021, a group of enthusiasts decided to repost the course online, with some modifications and improvements. They updated the graphics, audio, and video files, added new features and options, and fixed some bugs and errors. They also made the course compatible with modern devices and platforms, such as Windows 10, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The reposted course is available for free on SoundCloud and OpenSea, where users can download or stream the CDs and access the supplementary materials.

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The reposted course has received positive feedback from users who have tried it. They appreciate the efforts of the reposters to revive and enhance the course, and they enjoy the rich and engaging content that the course offers. They also find the course helpful for improving their English skills and confidence. Some users have even suggested that the reposters should create more courses or updates in the future.

English Discoveries is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn or improve their English in a fun and effective way. The course covers a wide range of topics and levels, and provides learners with ample practice and feedback. The reposted course also improves the quality and accessibility of the original course, making it more appealing and relevant for modern learners. The course is available for free online, so anyone can try it out and enjoy its benefits.


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