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EJay Dance 6 Reloaded Eng 37


EJay Dance 6 Reloaded Eng 37

The new edition of this portable, battery-powered jammer offers a built-in speaker for voice communication, which makes it easier to operate the device with one hand. The rack mount base has been improved to the highest standards. This device creates a radial horn antenna that directs radio waves to the jamming module and can reach up to 100m away from the module.

When a radio wave passes through a metal object, it causes it to vibrate, just as a string on a guitar vibrates when you pluck its string. When you jam a radio wave, you are creating a slight electromagnetic disturbance in the air, and that disturbance reverberates through everything around you. No matter how big you are, it is hard to escape from the disturbance.

The iPhone and Android applications connect to your portable jammer using a short-range Bluetooth technology and give you control over the device, including the ability to turn the device on or off, set a volume level and track the signal intensity.

In contrast to radio controlled bombs, which do not have a battery, the repeater is basically a receiver that can you know grant you a longer range. A low-powered radio kept on batteries is used as the receiver, while a high-powered transmitter, with a reflector, is used as the emitter. Radio waves reflect around obstacles and get redirected back to you from your emitter (i.e., your transmitter and the reflector). A repeater repeats the received radio waves, making them available on a longer distance.

EMP generators are designed to disrupt the function of many electronic components and have an extremely limited range. Our portable jammer can transmit from 5 to 100 meters depending on conditions. d2c66b5586


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