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Western Golf Cart Manual UPD

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Western Golf Cart Manual UPD

The game is played with five decks of regular playing cards, exactly one deck for each player (that is, there are three decks for use by each player, who will switch back and forth if one player becomes the first to reach three points). The playing cards each have a number that indicates their value, and none have divisible by 5 (although they could be produced with such values up to 3,999). The value of a card's face is determined by the ranking of its number (for example, the face value of ace being 1, high card being 11, a face value of 7, 4 or suit becomes 10, in reverse order). A card that is a 5 from the K (thousand) through J (ten) is considered to be of a face value of 100, and a card that is a 5 from 7-10 is considered to be of a face value of 80.

The first player to reach 10 points by playing cards beats the others. The game is played exclusively with 5-card hands. The players are dealt 16 cards by the dealer. If the first player chases, the second player must take one card. If the first player is beaten, the second player does not play.

The player that beats the others is the one who takes the longest to get to ten points, and the one to take the most cards will have to give up their last card. Once the second player takes one card (in either case), the first player has a chance to succeed.

The objective is to get to ten points first (sometimes called The winner takes all.). In such a case, the player who beat the others completely, gets to keep all the cards he won from the others. The player who is beaten completely has to give up all cards and has to start from scratch. d2c66b5586


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