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Some of the sad love songs in this collection have the capacity to make you cry, and may even help you mend a broken heart after a breakup. A handful of '90s classics (Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart") and R&B; hits are on the list, as are sweeter numbers that would be at home on a Valentine's Day playlist if you're spending the holiday solo. Many sift through the rubble of past relationships (Drake's "Marvin's Room," Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor"), while others are about the momentary relief of connection, even if you know it's not with the right person (Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," Bonnie Raitt's, "I Can't Make You Love Me"). And emotional classics by Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Fleetwood Mac prove that while sonic style and songwriting changes over the decades, the raw feeling of heartbreak will always be relatable.

"Piece by Piece" is a song by American singer Kelly Clarkson taken from her seventh studio album of the same name. She co-wrote the track with its producer Greg Kurstin. A midtempo pop song about restoring someone's faith in love and family relationships, Clarkson promulgated "Piece by Piece" as a sequel to the song "Because of You" (2004) but with a "happy ending". After a discussion with her sister about their family life, she introspectively co-wrote the song in a first-person narrative to her father, whose neglect of his family was used as a juxtaposition to her husband's unconditional love for her and their daughter, whom they both promised to never abandon.

Lyrically the song is about restoring someone's faith in love and family relationships.[1][5] The song starts with a woman's recollection of her father abandoning his family; by the chorus, she finds a new man in her life, whom she describes as someone who, "piece by piece", had restored her "faith that a man can be kind and a father could stay".[6][7] Written in a first-person narrative, Clarkson introspectively co-wrote the song to her father, whose abandonment of his family when she was six years old was utilized as a juxtaposition in contrast to her husband's unconditional love to her and their daughter, whom they had both promised in the song to never leave behind.[2][8][9][10]

Clarkson pegged "Piece by Piece" as a follow-up song to her 2004 track "Because of You" and the album's "most personal" record, saying that "once you've worked through that and you find love and the kind of happiness you hoped for but didn't really know was possible. It's a happy song. And it has a happy ending, unlike 'Because of You'".[6][11] She revealed that she was inspired to write it after a discussion with her sister about their relationships with their respective families.[2][11][12][13] She remarked, "I was talking to my sister on the phone about how sometimes girls with daddy issues don't find men like that!".[2] Clarkson also noted how their husbands were so supportive and loving in stark contrast to the cliché about people with "abandonment issues" dating "losers".[2] She also said that "Piece by Piece" is a positive song, despite its somber resonance, and that she's still grateful to her father for making her want to be much more present in her family.[2] Sonically, Jon Pareles of The New York Times compared it to the anthems recorded by U2.[14] While Marissa Muller of CBS Radio described its sound as having a stadium feel with big drums.[15] 1e1e36bf2d


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