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Pacific Rim - Uprising (English) 720p Torrent

i really wanted this to live up to the awesomeness of the first one. while the original is really good and has incredible characters, i was hoping this would be even better. instead it feels like an uninspired throwaway. the character motives just don't feel like they had the same thought in this as they did in the first. the same small characters are in most of the scenes and many characters are wasted. if you liked the original, it'll probably be worth a rent, but this is a big disappointment.

Pacific Rim - Uprising (English) 720p torrent

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unfortunately, the film is perfect. it's guillermo del toro, one of the best science fiction writers of all time, writing a sequel to his best movie. it's impossible to get around the fact that it's guillermo. there's not a single bad thing i can say about the movie. the only disappointment is that this amazing work comes at the end of a film series that was already perfect. it's too bad that this movie couldn't have come out on it's own. if you enjoyed the original, definitely watch it. if you haven't seen it, i recommend going out of your way to watch the first one first.

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there is an inherent tension in the great reversal. the central history, the second world war, is presented by the author as the ultimate victory of good over evil: the salvation of the world by the second army group, whose heroism and sacrifice have made possible the pax britannica that has since brought peace and prosperity to europe. herein lies the paradox: how can it be that the supreme good has so far failed to bring peace on earth? can no matter of such great importance and global significance be left in the hands of evil? one is reminded of viktor frankls man's search for meaning, and of the question that has invariably been asked in the course of mankinds history from the tower of babel and the crucifixion of jesus christ, to the crusades, world war ii, and the cold war what is the purpose of life?


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