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Cumshot On My Dress


Cumshot On My Dress

He wer dresst in a linnin bob-tail coat, an'' no drawers; the warter made them hug him pow'fulclost, an' look a heap thinner; yu cud see the adjactlaingth ove his shut-tail, the width ove the hem, an'even tu the moles on his laigs, an' the har on his shins.

A littil bal'-heded man, dress'd in gole specks an'a gole-heded walkin stick, wer a-passin, an' duin nuffinto nobody; he look'd like he wer a-cyferin out asum in the Qbrute, in his hed. Whoff! an' the speckslit on the ruff ove the market hous', an' the stick, goleaind fus', sot in a milk can sixty foot off. As tu ballhead hissef, I los' site ove 'im while the specks wer inthe air; he jis' disappear'd frum mortal vishun sumhow,sorter like breff frum a lookin-glass. I wunders ef helef a widder. Smack! an' the sides ove a milk cancum tugether, an' a squt ove milk shot up, an' trickl'dofen the house eaves. Crash! an' a baskit went way upyander, an' then hit wud rain aigs, an' bats ove cottin.Anuther baskit wud start up, an' torreckly we'd hev athunder shower ove cherrys; the bull furnish'd thethunder, plenty ove hit.

Jis' bout this time I foun' out how that gal gotouten her shiff, fur I seed sumthin dispersin hitssef intuthe woods, an' frum the glimpse I got hit look'd sorterlike a black munkey shaved wif white hine laigs;hit wer that tormented gal in white stockins. Thething wer pufeckly plain, she hed jis' run outen herdress an' shiff at the same time. That's what cumsove bein a plum natral born'd durn fool; yu'd hev onderstood how she got outen hit, without eny studyin at all.

Well, the niggers geard a par ove hosses tu awaggin, an' put the coffin in wifout scarcely sayin a word,ur even venterin tu take a farwell look ove the corpse;they wanted hit away frum thar, sure es yu are born.Jis' s'pose they hed open'd that led an' seed Majedressed up es he wer. Oh, lordy! enuf niggers wudhev jis' turned inside out, an' then mortified, tu manureda forty-acre saige-field.

Wirt's wife got yearly supper, a rale suckit-rider'ssupper, whar the 'oman ove the hous' wer a rich b'lever.Thar wer chickens cut up, an' fried in butter, brown,white, flakey, light, hot biskit, made wif cream, scrambil'daigs, yeller butter, fried ham, in slices es big esyure hen, pickil'd beets, an' cowcumbers, roas'in ears,shaved down an' fried, sweet taters, baked, a stack ovebuckwheat cakes, as full ove holes es a sifter, an' abowl ove strained honey, tu fill the holes. I likes tusock a fork intu the aidge of one of them spongy things'bout es big es a hat crown, put a spoonful ove honeyonder hit, an' a spoonful ove honey atop ove hit, an'roll hit up ontu the fork like a big segar, an' start hitdown my froat aind fus', an' then jis' sen' nine moreafter hit, tu hole hit down. Nex tu speerits, they goesdown the bes'. I kin tas'e em es low down es the bottimove my trowsis pokits. Fur drinks, she hed coffee,hot, clar an' brown, an' sweet milk es cold es a richman's heart. Ontu the dresser sot a sorter lookin potbelliedbottil, half full ove peach brandy, watchin atumbler, a spoon, an' a sugar bowl. Oh! massy,massy, George! fur the sake ove yure soul's 'tarnil wellfar,don't yu es long es yu live ever be temtid by money,ur buty, ur smartness, ur sweet huggin, ur shockinmersheen kisses, tu marry ur cum ni marryin eny gala-top this livin green yeath, onless yu hes seed heryursef cook jis' sich feedin as that wer. Durnashun, Ikin tas'e hit now, jis' es plain es I tas'e that ar fester-gut, in that ar jug, an' I swar I tasis hit plain. I gets dorg hongry every time I sees Wirt's wife, ur evenher side-saddil, ur her frocks a-hangin on the close-line.

Hrægl min swigað þonne is hrusan trede,oþþe þa wic buge, oþþe wado drefe.Hwilum mec ahebbað ofer hæleþa byhthyrste mine . . . .My clothing is silent when I tread the ground, or keep to my lodging, or stir up the waters. Sometimes my dress lifts me up over people's dwellings.

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