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Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro Crack Keygen Free Download [2020]

Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro: The Ultimate DJ Software for Mixing and Blending Music Tracks

If you are looking for a professional DJ software that can help you mix and blend music tracks with ease, then you should check out Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro. Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro is the latest version of the popular DJ software that has been downloaded by more than 152 million people around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro can help you take your DJing skills to the next level.


What is Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro?

Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro is a software that allows you to use your computer as a digital turntable and CD player. You can play, mix, and manipulate your music files using a variety of features and effects. You can also connect your computer to external devices, such as DJ controllers, mixers, speakers, headphones, and microphones, to create a complete DJ setup.

What are the features of Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro?

Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro has many features that make it stand out from other DJ software. Some of the main features are:

  • Standalone DJ mixer: You can start mixing as a DJ right away, with just your computer. You can adjust the tempo, pitch, volume, crossfade, cue, loop, and scratch your tracks. You can also apply effects like flanger, echo, reverb, filter, and more.

  • Video and audio mixing: You can play not only audio tracks, but also video or karaoke files. You can add visuals, text, logos, and transitions to your video mixes. You can also host karaoke events with lyrics display and singer rotation.

  • Real-time audio separation: You can separate any track into its individual components, such as vocals, instruments, kicks, snares, etc. You can then remix them live or create mashups and transitions on the fly.

  • Plug and play compatibility: You can use Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro with any of the most popular DJ controllers and mixers on the market. Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro will automatically detect and configure your device for optimal performance.

  • Built-in sampler: You can spice up your mixes with a variety of drops and loops from the built-in sampler. You can also create your own samples by recording or importing audio files.

  • Customizable interface: You can change the look and feel of Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro by choosing from hundreds of user-made skins or creating your own. You can also customize the layout and functionality of the software by using the powerful VDJScript language.

How to download Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro for free?

If you want to try out Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro for free, you can download it from the official website. The free version has some limitations, such as no full-screen video output, no broadcasting, no recording, and no external controller support. However, you can still use it for home use or practice.

If you want to unlock all the features of Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro, you need to purchase a license from the website. There are different types of licenses available depending on your needs and budget. For example, you can buy a one-time license for $299 or a monthly subscription for $19.


Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro is one of the best DJ software on the market that offers a lot of features and flexibility for mixing and blending music tracks. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you can use Virtual DJ 8.4 Pro to create amazing mixes and impress your audience.


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