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European Pharmacopoeia 9 Pdf

At present there is a lack of methodology for the quality control of CMMs.Most pharmacopoeias merely state the minimum requirements to safeguard publicsafety. To prevent adulterated CMMs, manufacturers must adopt adequatequality control of international standards for harvesting, collecting,processing and packing of the crude herbs and final products. Licensing andregistration of herbal medicine are required to enforce the qualityassessment of CMMs. Specific monographic profiles of CMMs can standardize theauthentication and quality assessment for CMM manufacturers worldwide.

european pharmacopoeia 9 pdf

Over the years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has introduced monographsof medicinal plants used around the world. WHO also maintains a list of herbsthat are widely used in primary health care in various countries as a resultfrom the WHO Guidelines for the Assessment of Herbal Medicines which promotes the development of monographs to standardize the qualitycontrol of herbal medicines. Twenty-five monographs encompassing 28 plantshave been published in Volume I [2] and monographs of 30 plants have beenincluded in Volume II [3]. WHO emphasizes that these publications are not'intended to replace official compendia such as pharmacopoeias,formularies, or legislative documents but to promote harmonization in the useof herbal medicines with respect to levels of safety, efficacy, and qualitycontrol' [3]. 350c69d7ab


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