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Ixchariot 7.3 !FREE!

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Ixchariot 7.3 !FREE!

What is IxChariot 7.3 and why you should use it

IxChariot 7.3 is the latest version of the industry-leading network performance testing tool from Keysight Technologies. It allows you to simulate real-world applications and predict device and system performance under realistic load conditions. Whether you are a network engineer, a quality assurance tester, or a service provider, you can benefit from using IxChariot 7.3 to assess and troubleshoot your networks and applications before and after deployment.

Key features of IxChariot 7.3

It uses software agents called Performance Endpoints to generate and measure network traffic across thousands of network endpoints[^1^].

It supports hundreds of protocols and applications, including wireless, cloud, IoT, VoIP, video streaming, and more[^1^]. You can also create your own custom scripts using the IxProfile tool.

It provides a central console for easy management and analysis of test results. You can view key performance metrics such as throughput, packet loss, jitter, delay, MOS, and OTT video quality[^1^].

It enables you to run "what-if" scenarios to predict the impact of network changes or new services on your network performance and quality of experience (QoE)[^1^].

It supports both private virtual and public cloud infrastructures, as well as mobile, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms[^1^]. You can also use the XRPi Active Monitoring Probe to monitor remote locations[^2^].

How to get started with IxChariot 7.3

If you want to try IxChariot 7.3 for yourself, you can download a free trial from the Keysight website[^1^]. You will need to install the IxChariot Console on a Windows machine and deploy Performance Endpoints on the devices or systems you want to test. You can also use the IxChariot Cloud service to access Performance Endpoints hosted on AWS or Azure[^1^]. Once you have set up your test environment, you can use the IxChariot Console to configure your test scenarios, run your tests, and view your results.


IxChariot 7.3 is a powerful and versatile tool for network performance testing and troubleshooting. It can help you ensure that your networks and applications meet your expectations and requirements in terms of performance and reliability. Whether you want to test a new service, a new device, or a new network configuration, IxChariot 7.3 can help you simulate realistic traffic conditions and measure the impact on your network quality. To learn more about IxChariot 7.3, visit the Keysight website[^1^] or contact their technical support team.Some use cases of IxChariot 7.3

IxChariot 7.3 can be used for various purposes and scenarios, depending on your network testing needs and goals. Here are some examples of how you can use IxChariot 7.3 to test and optimize your network performance and quality:

If you are a network engineer, you can use IxChariot 7.3 to validate the design and deployment of your network infrastructure. You can test the performance and scalability of your routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and other network devices under different traffic loads and conditions. You can also compare the performance of different vendors and technologies to make informed decisions.

If you are a quality assurance tester, you can use IxChariot 7.3 to verify the functionality and reliability of your network applications and services. You can simulate the behavior and traffic patterns of real users and devices to measure the QoE of your applications and services. You can also identify and isolate any performance issues or bottlenecks that may affect your end-users.

If you are a service provider, you can use IxChariot 7.3 to monitor and troubleshoot your network performance and service level agreements (SLAs). You can proactively test and measure the availability, latency, throughput, and quality of your network services across different locations and regions. You can also diagnose and resolve any network problems or complaints from your


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