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Busty Aunt

The evening went like this I went and took bath after uncle took bath aunt gave me and cousin brother a cup of coffee and she said she goes to shop as uncle goes to wholesale shop to buy things to sell in their shop. She said she will come and prepare us food if she comes late she asked to buy anything in hotel and eat if we were angry. We were playing games and passed time at 7 pm we wanted to eat something so we decided to make another in home itself and eat. I saw what inside the fridge I took noodles from the fridge and prepared that and ate that. We were watching TV for sometime and it was almost 9 pm. I was very tired as I traveled in morning. I wanted to sleep. So I went to bed and cousin also came and slept with me.

busty aunt

Hello guys. I am a big fan of iss. Thanks to all the admin group for giving us the opportunity to share and read the experiences of the iss community ! I am new to this site and pardon me for any mistakes. I will share my experience with you guys which happened 6 months ago with me. It includes my maternal aunt whom i admire so much. She is the lady with great boobs , every guys desire !! Contact me and rate my story at [email protected]

I was welcomed very warmly.Aunt game me hug that time her boobs touched my chest. It was enough for my stimulus. That day passed routinely nothing new. We all were chatting eating playing with kids. At night we all slept early. My uncle aunt in their bedroom with children and i was sleeping in the guest room. I was awake for one hour reading iss stories on net. It aroused me so much. I wanted to jack off but having fear of getting caught i could not do anything. I got up to drink some water. I passed the bedroom door where i heard some moans noises coming from the room. The door was slightly open so i peeped into room.

Due to darkness i saw nothing in the 1st place but again i heard some noises like aha aha,, suck it please ,ohhh aahha . I again saw inside i froze there i could see my aunt was naked above her boobs were naked and my uncle was fondling and sucking her nipples very fast. My aunt was going crazy making noises and moaning. They were indulged in the hot intense sex play, i could not believe my eyes that the dream boobs of life i was seeing them. Anyhow i controlled my emotions and saw the play for some more time.

The next morning i woke up late, at that time uncle was gone. I got ready and went to kitchen to have my breakfast. Greeted aunt good morning. She was still in her night maxi and was looking damn hot and sexy. Her boobs were clearly protruding proudly on her body. Upper boobs were visible. She was looking so sexy working in all the sweat. Her ass was facing me.

After lunch she went to shower and i was dreaming and making plan to seduce her. How to reach to those beautiful tits. Luck favored me as she called my name from bathroom asking for towel. I gave the towel.Her side boob was visible as she was taking towel from my hand. I was getting restless. Nothing happened on that day as my uncle came from job.Again their sex play at night and their fucking noises i could hear. I so wanted to fuck her.Next day my uncle told me to take good care of aunt and children as he was going for some training for 3 days. I was more than delighted.

I got courage and started to press her boobs over her maxi it was so soft. But then she came to senses and asked me to leave and went to bathroom. She was taking bath when she called my name and asking me for help. She asked me rub her back as it was itching and she could not reach it herself. Just imagine guys naked busty lady asking you for help to rub her back , i went in there immediately and started rubbing. Her back was facing me but i could see her side boobs ,the sight was so hot, i got erection. Now i was wearing short so it was visible in it. 041b061a72


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