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This cereal has a little bit of everything. Almonds, granola clusters, and crispy flakes fill every delicious spoonful. Honey Bunches of Oats packs 10 grams of whole grains per serving, as well as nine essential vitamins and minerals.

You know the jingle and you know the crunch. Did you also know this mega pack of sweet and nostalgic Lucky Charms is also gluten-free That this box is 20 ounces of cereal and marshmallows also means you might not blast through it in one day.

Another crowd-pleaser, Cinnamon Toast Crunch wins the all-important award for most delicious leftover cereal milk at the bottom of the bowl. These crunchy little squares also taste delicious crumbled into pastry crusts or used as a topping in other baked goods.

If you are a chocolate lover, there is no question that this is your absolute favorite breakfast cereal of all time. Cocoa Puffs start out with a super crunchy puffed texture that slowly morphs into soft flavor sponges as the milk sets in.

Another tried-and-true cereal, Cheerios are a classic choice that hold the unique distinction of being just as delicious eaten dry versus submerged in milk. We like Multi Grain Cheerios for a more nutritious and gluten-free start to your day.

Original Cap'n Crunch is downright delicious and can hold its own in the cereal aisle, but in our opinion, Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries is even better. The sweetened corn and oat berry shapes add fruity flavor to the mix, making each bite a little more interesting than its original parent flavor.

Made without artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients, Annie's Bunnies and Blossoms are certified USDA Organic and made with real fruit. We wholeheartedly recommend these cute Bunnies for breakfast cereal, or as a midday snack for kids and adults alike.

Classic Raisin Bran is a cereal created with a nod to the basic pleasure of textural contrasts. Chewy sweetened raisins mingle with the crunchy crisp of whole grain wheat and bran flakes for a satisfying and layered bite.

Compartés Cereal Bowl gourmet white chocolate bar is a cereal lover's dream. Creamy Compartés white chocolate overflowing with crunchy cereal and sweet marshmallows. It's one of our most popular white chocolate bars...there's absolutely nothing else quite like it! Handmade in our Los Angeles Kitchen.

Notably, most added sugar in the American diet comes from ultra-processed and packaged foods, which include sugar-sweetened beverages, baked goods, candy, and breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are actually the seventh biggest contributor to added sugar intake among adults in the USA (4).

On the other hand, choosing a high-fiber breakfast cereal made with whole grains and has little to no added sugars can help promote better blood sugar control. Reading the nutrition facts label can help you identify how much added sugar is in a serving of the cereal (7, 8).

Another easy way to incorporate protein into breakfast cereal is to eat it with milk or a protein-rich milk alternative like soy milk. Unfortunately almond milk and oat meal are not great sources of protein.

One study in overweight and obese adults found that those who ate a breakfast of eggs and toast had increased fullness and were less hungry for up to 4 hours later, compared to those who ate cereal with milk and orange juice (16).

Results: Children initially exposed to cereals between ages 0 and 3 months (hazard ratio [HR], 4.32; 95% confidence interval [CI], 2.0-9.35) and those who were exposed at 7 months or older (HR, 5.36; 95% CI, 2.08-13.8) had increased hazard of IA compared with those who were exposed during the fourth through sixth month, after adjustment for HLA genotype, family history of type 1 DM, ethnicity, and maternal age. In children who were positive for the HLA-DRB1*03/04,DQB8 genotype, adjusted HRs were 5.55 (95% CI, 1.92-16.03) and 12.53 (95% CI, 3.19-49.23) for initial cereal exposure between ages 0 to 3 months and at 7 months or older, respectively.

Bob's Red Mill has a wide assortment of whole grain, organic, vegan, kosher and gluten free cereals that offer wholesome breakfast options galore. Whether you're looking to enjoy cold cereal with milk or hot breakfast cereal such as oatmeal or steel cut oats, Bob's Red Mill has your breakfast needs covered. Traditional Old-World style porridge, modern takes on Muesli and grits milled from just about any grain you please are just the beginning. Shop a variety of whole grain breakfast cereals to satisfy whichever taste you prefer. Try our gluten free brown sugar and maple instant oatmeal cups to eat breakfast on the go, or sprinkle honey almond granola on your favorite yogurt. If you prefer making your own oatmeal, our rolled oats do not disappoint. But hey, no one said cereal is just for a breakfast food. Stock up on granolas for a convenient on-the-go snack, add germ or bran to smoothies, or serve farina as a side dish with dinner.

The call for project proposals for 2023 funding is open through April 10, 2023. Research projects supporting the cereal and grain industries are eligible for funding consideration, so long as they are conducted by a not-for-profit, academic institution (domestic or international). Learn more and apply today! 59ce067264


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