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The British Council is the largest international organization that promotes the study, teaching and use of the English language worldwide. The Council was established in 1907, to protect and develop the interests of the British community around the world. In 2011, the British Council registered 5.8 million members and funded over 24,000 organizations and projects in more than 200 countries and territories (British Council 2011). The Council is funded by the British government and by membership fees and international grants from its private sector partners, educational and cultural institutions, as well as individuals.

The Council is a powerful institution. Its influence is due to a complex web of motives and interests. It provides an important vehicle for the political, economic, and cultural globalization of Britain's educational, commercial and colonial interests. The Council carries out this work in relation to a broad spectrum of countries, where the language of English plays a major role in the economy, the political system, and the social activities. Therefore, the Council can be considered as one of the big international actors in some parts of the world. Its level of influence in countries depends on the strength and status of the British presence and the level of the education system and the economic growth. Cultural globalization and its support played a significant role in the penetration of the language in these countries. Thus, the British Council has a significant impact on the native English speakers in different parts of the world. The researchers believe that the Council has contributed to the process of globalization, while at the same time, it has had a negative impact in some countries, when it was used for political, economic, or cultural purposes that are not related to the language. Such activities were often presented as if they were directed towards linguistic or educational goals. 3d9ccd7d82


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