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Vector Analysis Raisinghania Pdf 164l

Vector Analysis Raisinghania Pdf 164l :::

Vector Analysis Raisinghania Pdf 164l

hi sir, i have done mca from ims. i had the following topics in mca maths: calculus, linear algebra, multivariate analysis, geometry. in most of these i got 90%, in calculus and linear algebra i was able to clear the basis and construct questions in the exams. i am now in my final year of my mca and i have no idea what to study for my viva. i have class 12 and the problem is that my interests lie in data science, information technology and social science. my interest in mathematics is almost nil. i have recently taken up some calculus for my statistics course and right now i am trying to revise and understand linear algebra on my own. i have to take viva soon (next week) and i am quite scared about what i am going to write in my viva. your guidance will be highly appreciated.

its both practically and theoretically explained and works like a helped me to become a "star". you can find a lot of help from the forum there. i couldnt have asked for more as there were multiple doubts that were addressed there.

hi kashish..really.congrats again.i have bought the book a long time ago and used it everywhere since.hope you would continue with it as it has some good ideas & i have a nice collection of good practices to do.if you dont mind with one more suggestion that is better to read this book with the help of good people like u as u know better from your experience.that is the right mixture of both theory and practice.i have done this before and have a habit of borrowing books at my friends to start with we are in the same boat and borrow the books with similar philosophy.hopefully can get some useful ideas from both  3d9ccd7d82


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