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Rufus 3.5.1497 Portable €? USB


Rufus 3.5.1497 Portable €? USB

Rufus has an automated mode, which will allow you to create bootable USB drives even if the files you want to install are not on the USB drive (external or internal). In such cases, the files will be copied to your computer.

Rufus is a powerful universal tool, as it is able to create any bootable USB drive from almost any storage device such as: CD, DVD, Hard Disk, Flash Drive, USB Pen Drive or any other storage media (external or internal).

If the files you want to install are already on the USB drive, just insert it and you will be ready to install your operating system. If you want to install the files on your USB drive, the application also allows you to do this.

The program is constantly working in background performing a process which will leave no trace on your computer and will prevent corruption of your data. This way, you can use any computer and create any bootable USB drive.

Untuk Windows XP, Windows 7, dan Windows 8, kemudian klik Rufus 2.0.2 (Windows XP) oleh klik x…. Untuk Windows 8.1, Windows 10, dan MacOS, klik Rufus 2.0.2 (Windows 10) oleh klik d. Kini, anda dapat memilih kembali Rufus (2.0.2), jika sebelumnya anda telah mengubahnya menjadi kembali Rufus (2.0.1) 827ec27edc


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