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In the little town of San Francisco in California, at the boundary of the range of the phenomenon, there's a small growth of what's known as "little known flora." The region supports a few species of cactus that are sometimes seen in living rooms or on hiking trips in the Sierra National Forest, a handful of particularly long-lived species of fern, and a few rare and cute flowers. It's important to bear in mind how large these areas actually are: the Sierra National Forest, in which the whole of the San Francisco Bay Area is sited, covers an area of about 678,000 km2. It is inhabited by about half a million people, in a large metropolitan area that spreads out over a total of 120,000 km2. The brilliant sparkling blue is caused by electrical activity in the area. A measure of electric activity is known as the Purcell's Z-Score. A Purcell's Z-Score of greater than 3.0 is considered abnormal. Also, it would not be fair to use the word "alarming" to describe even an average Purcell's Z-Score. So, the polarity would be more of the order of orange or red, or even a darkish purple. A Purcell's Z-Score greater than 3.0 means that there is an abnormal amount of electrical activity. You can measure the Purcell's Z-Score yourself if you download a copy of ForecastTrack Pro, the free weather application, which is available for both Apple and Windows, and look under "Science & Tech". A healthy Purcell's Z-Score for this area should be about -20. You can somewhat minimize the problem with an electrical window fan, but not completely. However, the latest in news for electronic privacy is an application is available for both the Apple and Windows versions of ForecastTrack called "Electro Magnetic Radiation Protection". It allows you to minimize your exposure to EMR and EMF, even while using your computer. d2c66b5586


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