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JawBone of an Ass

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The 2020 Pandemic has become our new normal in 2021. Although, some have taken upon themselves to declare this year a return to our old normal, others of us are moving forward cautiously. Those in the “cautious” category are beginning to understand the impact that leftovers can have.

My great Aunt used to say that food would taste better the next day because the seasonings had a chance to settle. Well here we are post 2020 and some things have definitely settled, but can we honestly say it was for the better?

2020 left us with increased anxiety, grief, loneliness, and despair. Some of our greatest fears and concerns were made public as riots, unjust brutality, killings, as well as the insurrection were repeatedly broadcasted, subjecting us to re-traumatization. Many of us were triggered by the repetition of these events as our homes were slowly being infiltrated with fear and worry.

However, there were some high points to 2020 as opportunities to reflect, renew, and restart were presented to all but only those who escaped the web of foreclosure threats, job lay-offs, inadequate healthcare, and abusive homes were able to take advantage of it. Our country, our neighborhoods, our families took a drastic hit, and we who remain are the leftovers.

There’s an account in The Bible that tells of a warrior named Sampson, who used the leftovers from a donkey’s corpse to gain victory over his enemy. Judges chapter 15 verses 15 and 16 tell us how Sampson slew an army with the jawbone of an ass. That is an excellent example of resilience and how we should use our leftovers. Let’s consider what’s left as we move forward. Let’s consider how to find strength, gratitude, and new ideas in the leftovers.

The book of Revelation suggests that we wake up and strengthen what remains as some of our deeds have gone unfinished. Let’s not become complacent or lethargic but continue with the lessons we learned during the pandemic. We learned that we are indeed our brother’s keeper. We united, advocated, watched out for each other, and cared for the grieving, sick, and elderly. We offered food, toilet paper, cleaning products, and more to those in need. We prayed in our homes, cooked and ate meals together. Occasional family nights became everyday occurrences as young and old found common grounds to enjoy each other.

2020 was a year that “showed it’s ass” so to speak. But, let’s follow Sampson’s example and take the leftovers, the hypothetical jawbone and slay our enemies. Remembering the real enemies lie within.(the inner-me.)

2020 leftovers have an opportunity to be better since the seasoning has settled. Jesus instructed us that we are the “SALT” of the earth.

Let us use the lessons we learned wisely.

Let us not forget!

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