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Please Acknowledge I'm Noteworthy

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

While making notes for a blog post, the individual letters of the word pain began to speak to me, “Please Acknowledge I’m Noteworthy.” There it was black letters on a white page offering more than an acronym but an explanation for the word pain.

It’s not that I am a victim. I am not helpless to say the least. But there lies an innate need to be accepted or possibly an acknowledgement that my voice deserves to be heard. I deserve to occupy space on earth. I matter just like you.

But you’re all so busy rushing through life that you keep missing the pain on my face. All I ask of you is for a little time and willingness. Please lend me enough space to hear what I’m saying and maybe you’ll begin to hear my silent screams.

Don’t pay attention to the laughter in my feeble attempt to be the life of the party. Sometimes I feel ashamed and I don’t want to bore you with the sad details that haunt me. But I am running out of funny anecdotes and jokes that entertain. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to continue on this way as the voice in my head continues to cry out, “Please acknowledge I’m Noteworthy.”

Author: Someone you might Know

In my profession we are trained to become comfortable asking certain questions, listening attentively, and engaging conversations. However, most people who are struggling with Suicidal Ideations never make it into counseling session. But they do see you, their friends, family, and co-workers. I’m not suggesting you counsel anyone. In fact, I am asking that you refrain from any attempt to do so. But I am asking that we all become aware of those around us. I’m not asking you to prob into anyone’s business. But I am asking you to listen and be present when you ask that all familiar question, “How are you doing?”

Every life is precious. Every one’s voice deserves to be heard. The QPR Gatekeeper training for Suicide Prevention instructs us to QUESTION an individual’s intent or desire regarding suicide, PERSUADE them to seek and get help, and REFER them to the appropriate resources. This training is great, and everyone should make time to take it. But In the meantime, try asking the QUESTION, “How are you doing.” Then you start being PRESENT for the answer, and finally REFER them to an appropriate resource.

We are all uniquely created to live and share love, faith, hope, and wisdom to those connected to us and by default, to those connected to them and so on. You are noteworthy. We all are, and our voices are vital. Hear the silent cries of those around you. Question, be Present, and Refer. This is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month. Save someone’s life.

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