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Present in the Presence

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, than you may have some insight into the process that brought me to my current career choice. Maneuvering through years of presuppositions, miscalculations, and plain old misjudgments that clogged my mind, kept me from the crucial wisdom that was my career, my passion, and my ministerial call were all one.

The experience taught me many lessons, one of which was the importance of having a safe and neutral space where one could be open. A place where one could process the musings of their soul. It was there that I am certain I would have been more likely to catch the subtle guides and prompts that would have led me to my purpose years earlier. It would have also been helpful, although they are few in number these days, to have an elder, or ancient, or a Sage to share the importance of such a connection as it relates to our life’s journey.

There’s no anger or regret regarding the path behind me and joy and confidence regarding the one before me. This journey afforded me a degree of confidence, peace, and wisdom that is priceless. The experience has taught me that we all have talents that are best served when we work in areas, we are passionate about, that solidifies our purpose, offers internal validation, while confirming our ministry.

Don’t shy away from the word “ministry.” It doesn’t point to anything more than its definition, service. We are all created to serve one another in some capacity or another.

Allow me to serve as a Sage in offering you information on how you too can enter this confident, peaceful safe space. The key is being present in the presence of something grea

ter. The past 18 months pushed us into a fearful and anxious state of mind as death tolls increased, racial injustice became more blatant, and America was exposed for its many evils. We knew about Mindfulness. We read Eckhart Tole’s books and we embraced Dialectical Behavior Therapy, yet we found ourselves worried about the future and pining for the past. During it all we lost the importance and for some, the ability to be present.

There is a unique connection when we practice being present while going through our spiritual disciplines and/or centering moments. The combination will usher you into a space with your Higher Power, where you’ll find everything you need to boost confidence, peace, motivation, and more. It is this practice that I have made a daily ritual, of being present in God’s presence, that has decreased anxiousness and increased peace. Being present in the presence of a Higher Power offers a fresh perspective on life as it liberates the mind and body to move forward.

Try it, research has already proven the effectiveness of mindfulness and being present and the effectiveness of faith, hope, and prayer. Both are proven approaches that can offer us a release from stress and sadness. This is an even more powerful duo when practiced simultaneously.

Ask your therapist about DBT and mindfulness and revisit faith and spirituality. If these are problematic areas for you right now, consider connecting with an alternative Higher Power. Maybe right now all you can consistently believe in and depend on is nature or the Universe. Whatever or whom ever you choose should be a presence that speaks to your soul and offers a chance for internal quiet. Whatever you do, find yourself reaching for that space where you can be present in the presence of something greater.

If you find it difficult to get present and remain there, reach out to a licensed clinician today.

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