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Scai Interventional Cardiology Board Review Book Free ^NEW^ Download

Scai Interventional Cardiology Board Review Book Free Download >>>>>

Target AudienceThis course is intended for interventional cardiology Fellows in Training preparing for initial board certification and practicing interventional cardiologists preparing for a maintenance of certification assessment or seeking an in-depth review of interventional cardiology. The secondary target audience is interventional cardiology team professionals, particularly physician assistants and advanced practice nurses.

Cath Source, a searchable database of more than 30 videos and 65 images, is an up-to-date medical reference for the interventionalist or interventionalist-in-training. It includes basic coronary angiography as well as hemodynamic waveforms and is helpful for studying for interventional cardiology board exams as well. Available on iOS and Android devices. 1e1e36bf2d


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