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We Are Not Okay

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I recently noticed that I hold a degree of angst in my body and have continued to do so for years only to be triggered and escalated with the onset of COVID 19. There is a sense of fear and uncertainty that plaques us, putting many of us at our breaking point.

We are not okay, we’re afraid of our sons being shot, of our daughters being lured into sex trafficking, and that we will grow into a nightmare version of ourselves that self-medicates daily.

We are not okay. We are annoyed by workplace stress channeled through supervisors who are in a scramble to maintain their position.

We aren’t good at all, we yearn for appropriate touch, supportive conversations, and a place of worship – all of which have failed us in not offering judgement free zones.

We are afraid yall and I do mean we in the very broad sense of the word. Just because your friend or loved one has a resting-bitch-face has little to do with the pain that is causing their bodies to collapse with crippling dis-ease.

We are fearful as we mourn for those who lost their lives during the multiple tragedies that are occurring from coast to coast. This is a constant reminder of how not-okay we are.

But we weren’t okay before all of this, as daily I hear young people describe the horrors of witnessing their friends being brutally murdered right before their eyes and nightly I sit with mourning parents in their grief.

We are losing hope while some have totally lost it.

We are without Hope for a better tomorrow or a brighter future.

We lost expectation of living our lives free from tragedy, anxiety, or depression.

We are without hope while churches continue to pop-up with charismatic leaders looking to fulfill their dreams and purpose on the backs of members looking for love, healing, and validation.

We are not okay and it’s okay to not be okay but it’s not okay for us to impose our feelings on others by lashing out. It's true, hurt people, hurt people and it's all because we are bleeding out and our hope is wavering.

There’s always the possibility that things will get better.

The law of averages and prayer are both powerfully consistent, so please try to hope against being without hope.

But when things do turn for the better, who will be left standing? Who will be sober enough to tell the story? Who will be strong enough to not fall prey to what ever trend allows them to get noticed at the expense of authentically helping others.

My agenda is this, to help someone become aware of these atrocities. I understand that when it's all said and done, some of you will read this blog and walk away thinking, "that doesn't apply to me." But, please ask yourself, "What have I done to help bring healing to my corner of the world? What have I continued to do to perpetuate pain?"

“What can I do to impact others in a positive sense? Not “what can I do” for the sake of posting across social media, getting more hearts and thumbs-up, or pats on my back. But what can I really do, moving forward, with a productive mindset that reaches out to help some, in hopes of giving birth to a much needed movement?

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Just wow how you disclosed every pain point of us parents in this blog. We are concerned about our children and that also scares us the most. to be honest I do not know what to do as a father doing all my best to keep my children away from such miserable acts to help them have a good future. For context, I am a Lawrenceville Pressure Washing Expert.

It was my father who had this business and now I am running it he was a great man.


matthew green
matthew green

Why are you "not-okay" Explain complete guidelines about this. Then I talk to you very deeply.

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