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Okha Haran Gujarati Book Pdf 62

Okha Haran Gujarati Book PDF 62

Okha Haran is a Gujarati book that narrates the story of Okha, a legendary warrior who fought against the demons and rescued his wife Draupadi from their clutches. The book is based on a folk tale that is popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The book was published by Gujrat Vidyapith Library and is available for free download in PDF format.

Download File:

The book consists of 80 pages and has various chapters that describe the events of Okha's life, such as his birth, his marriage, his battles, his abduction of Draupadi, his escape from the demons, and his reunion with his wife. The book also contains some poems and songs that praise Okha's bravery and devotion. The book is written in a simple and poetic language that appeals to the readers.

The book is a source of inspiration and entertainment for the Gujarati people who admire Okha's heroism and love for Draupadi. The book also reflects the culture and values of the Gujarati community, such as their faith in God, their respect for women, their courage in facing difficulties, and their loyalty to their friends and family.

The book can be downloaded for free from the following links:

The PDF file has a size of 62 MB and can be opened with any PDF reader software. The file name is "okha haran gujarati book pdf 62".


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