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Do Opposites Attract?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Opposites Attract or so we tell ourselves when we want to be with that special someone that has totally different goals in life, totally different interests than our own, and even lives under a different moral code. It is a scientific fact that opposite ends of a magnet attract each other. Maybe that’s where the cliché started. But it is also true that the same ends or poles of a magnet repulse each other. Take that into consideration when using this information in selecting a mate.

A more precise way to understand the phenomenon of attraction regarding relationships, is to consider that opposites support each other. Frankie Beverly and Maze echoed this sentiment in the 1980’s ageless hit, Joy and Pain. There is a line from the song that says, “Love can be bitter love can be sweet, Sometimes devotion and sometimes deceit…” And of course for a movie reference there’s a scene in The Matrix where Smith explains that in an effort to make the matrix more accommodating to humankind, they added pain because the machines quickly learned that humans define themselves through trials and pain. Art really does imitate life.

Some of us may be unwilling to accept this theory, especially since we strive for the imbalance of being happy all the time. No one wants to be without money, good health, a rewarding job, or a passionate lover. However, to balance our lives we must experience both sides of life. Joy and pain. Think about it, you were pushed to new limits when you lost that loved one to death, divorce, or abandonment. You learned a new strength that didn’t reveal its self until after the loss. Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain. We complain about gloomy, messy rainy days but the truth is, they are required if we want to enjoy the beauty and splendor of a field of flowers and a forest of green trees.

Apostle Paul understood this concept when he advised his readers to give thanks in everything for this is the will of The Father concerning us. God wants us to live balanced lives. The Universe, our bodies, and our minds are in constant shift towards homeostasis. So, stop complaining and start being grateful for the lessons and experiences that are taught through pain, inconvenience, and difficult seasons. No, don’t ignore any emotion for the sake of another but, learn to accept what life brings with the understanding that every moment is pregnant with the possibilities of gaining strength, knowledge, and ultimately helping us evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

2020 has had it’s share of pain, abrupt change, loss, devastation, and more. The fact that you are reading this blog means you endured it all and that makes you a survivor. It’s all in how you approach life and all life has to offer. Either the glass is half empty or half full and for all the half full people, you’re just right for a miracle. The miracle called life. Live it more abundantly.

Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain, Love can be bitter love can be sweet

Sometimes devotion and sometimes deceit, The ones that you care for give you so much pain

Oh but it's alright they're both one in the same…

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1 Comment

May be its possible "Opposites Attract" preform some different activates. But I am not sure this is good thing.

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