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I know because I must Know. It is my Purpose.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

You might call me a geek, but I love the Matrix movie trilogies. I can literally quote the dialogue along with the characters. When the first Matrix movie was released it was like a breath of fresh air to my stuffy soul. Don’t laugh but I even cried on a couple of scenes.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about one character in particular, the Key maker. He appeared in Matrix Reloaded, the second of the trilogies. When I consider his job, it sounds menial. It’s important but there’s not a critical need for it until there’s a need. But the key maker was confident in what he did. He considered it to be a crucial part of his purpose. He was bond, opportunities limited for years, yet he continued to hone his craft. He never stopped making keys. He perfected it. He knew this talent; his skillset would one day benefit a larger purpose. Once a door was opened and limitations lifted, he ran for it. When he came upon a potential road block his response was, “there’s always another way.” When the time was appropriate, He shared all he knew with the audience assigned to him. The precision of his knowledge astonished listeners so much so until one of them asked, “how do you know all of this?” His reply, “I know because I must know. It is my purpose.”

How many of us are filled with dormant wisdom, ideas, gifts, and purpose? My guess is there are millions of us. In past times you may have entertained thoughts of abandoning your purpose to help others fulfill theirs because time and opportunity seemed to have passed you by.

This character, the key maker, holds a fundamental truth we all need, and that truth is, no matter what comes our way, keep honing the craft. We would benefit significantly from a tenacity like the key makers. He didn’t change his course. He didn’t lose faith. He kept making keys with the faith that his talent would one day collide with purpose. If you watch the movie, you’ll see that the key maker fulfilled his purpose. He was able to provide a way of escape for himself and others with one of the keys he made. He was able to aid the battle with additional equipment with one of the keys he made. At one point, one of the starring characters, looked at him with a smile and said, “wow, you really are handy.” He was needed. What he did and who he was, was vital to their overall mission and so are we.

Every one of us are born with gifts and skillsets. The sad story is that many us denied or ignored ours when we saw the display of others. Some of us are waiting for someone to rescue us, offer us a platform and support us. Others sit idle, spewing jealousy towards those who are already living out their success. But there are some of us who remain faithful to the course with determination just like the key maker. We trust that opportunities will arise and at that appointed time nothing will stop our gifts and ideas from taking center stage and shining. And shine they will, but for now we prepare ourselves by continuing to trust the process, perfecting our gifts, and not allowing obstacles to distract or discourage us from the goal. Our chance and our change is coming. I know because I must know. It is part of my purpose.

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